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Bringing hope to a new generation

Danica's Dream


Why Danica's Dream?


From the tragic death of an 18 month old baby girl, Danica, the courageous and passionate heart of Donna Williams, and the dedication of her husband Philip Williams, Founders of Servant’s Heart, came the promise that Danica’s death would not be in vain. It was this promise that led Donna and Phil to begin their long and inspiring journey that is now Danica’s Dream Pregnancy Education Center.

Helping Babies and Families Thrive

The infant mortality rate in the Dominican Republic is one of the highest in Latin America.  Moms are poorly equipped to care for their babies and themselves. Superstition and misinformation leads to sickness and sometimes the death of their babies.

With YOUR help, moms learn the vital skills to keep their babies healthy and thriving!

Through our “Earn While You Learn” program moms are rewarded with much needed supplies like diapers, clothing, blankets, baby toiletries and more importantly, the skills needed to care for themselves and their babies.

YOUR investment of just $29 per month or $350 per year, will make a difference and save a life!

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